Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance

At Malahide Insurance we have access to Ireland’s top 5 insurance companies, Making sure we get the “best quotes” for our clients. Income Insurance, which is also known as income protection, will provide you with an income if you cannot work. It may be as a result of an illness, or injury, and will be implemented after a certain period of time. You may take out income insurance if you’re in full-time work or self-employed and earn an income.

Income Protection Insurance ensures you can continue to pay your mortgage, household bills and living expenses whenever you are unable to work due to accident, disability or illness.

Income Protection Insurance is tax efficient while also providing an ongoing income of up to 75% of your normal salary (including any social welfare benefits) whenever you are unable to work due to any accident, illness or disability until retirement age.

This cover is available for Company Owners, Self Employed and Employees.


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